New beginnings


Hello lovelies!

I guess it’s been a long time to miss blogging…  New Year, new website, old same me, maybe slightly more experienced, and older 😀 I hope this year you will have more reasons to visit this blog and see more outfits that will interest you (fingers crossed) 😉

These pictures were actually taken last year. I wore this outfit for a Manchester Fashion Week show (will not tell you about the show cause it’s not even worth it). Let’s talk about what I’m wearing 😀 Midi pleated skirt found on sale in Miss Selfridge, I love pleated skirts, always hang my eyes on them but seriously, how many can I have? Thanks to my dear friend Ala I got this fitted faux leather jacket which I think gives the whole outfit a bit of a spice and rock touch. Looking at the photos now, I would change the shoes to more fitted at the ankle although this is still a piece that my closet is missing, eh… need to find the perfect pair and make my boyfriend annoyed that I got another pair of shoes 😀

Hopefully see you soon xx




Roll neck top, belt: New Look

Jacket: second hand

Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Primark

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