Floral zen- Westfalenpark Dortmund

As the chilly days have sadly arrived and I got my autumn cold, I can officially announce that the winter season has started for me… Not entirely happy about it but the summer memories are warming up this cold aura 🙂 When visiting my parents in Germany this summer, for the first time I visited the Westfalenpark in Dortmund. My dear mum knows me like no one else and knows exactly where to take me. Spot on! A perfect place to relax and unwind. Also a great place for a family day out, especially if you have children. The space is enormous so you don’t need to worry about finding a spot to put your blanket and lie down. I utterly enjoyed walking around this beautiful space full of rose gardens and plenty other colorful flowers ✿ There are several ponds with water lilies and fishes swimming around, it’s just a charming, relaxing place 🙂







I’m wearing:

Top:Dorothy Perkins, Jeans: H&M, Sandals: Primark, Bag:Promod


2 thoughts on “Floral zen- Westfalenpark Dortmund

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